Sunday, April 30, 2006

Unclassified Media Project #2

Democracy or Despotism
This multi-media news-reel re-mixes news clips, protest footage, phone conversations, our President explaining his respect for the Constitution, an interview with blogger/author Glenn Greenwald and a 1946 school documentary concerning the dangers and warning signs of despotism--all set to an incessant rock-and-roll beat. This project is dedicated to Stephen Colbert for his ballsy truth-telling at the Whitehouse Correspondants Dinner.

The Unclassified Media Project publishes meaningful
messages in various media and formats including audio,
video, words, print images, original and limited edition
photographs and video-paintings, and the occasional dinner party.

Help distribute this project by forwarding links to this page via email or embed as Flash piece to publish on your website or blog. We welcome your questions and comments.

This project is in Flash. Quicktime and Windows Media also available.